Killgore Bloodhorn

A minotaur cleric torn between the two worlds his race embodies, conscience and madness. Raised in a cult devoted to the horned god, Baphomet. Killgore carved his way to freedom through the blood of his tribe. Leaving behind all that he knew.


AC: 20 FORT:16 REF:14 WILL: 17 HP: 36


Raised in a chaotic minotaur cult worshiping the horned god Baphomet. Killgore rose to prominence at an early age. Known for his brutality and logic, Killgore was poised to become a powerful figure in the Bloodhorn tribe. However, when his wife, Kuonu, was chosen as a sacrifice to Baphomet, Killgore lost faith. In an attempt to save his love, Killgore fought his way to the alter only to find Kuonu, a willing sacrifice who refused his rescue. Unable to understand his wife’s selfless devotion, Killgore left the Bloodhorn tribe, hoping to find answers in the outside world.

Killgore Bloodhorn

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